Employment Law

The Phoenix-based employment and labor law attorneys at Jennings Haug Cunningham represent the interests of employers across the state of Arizona in day-to-day employment matters and employment disputes. Our employment attorneys provide legal counsel to guide business clients regarding their rights as employers and their responsibilities toward employees.

Our attorneys assist business clients with the following employment dealings:

  • Drafting of employee handbooks
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Drafting of non-compete agreements
  • Development of substance abuse programs
  • Legal counsel regarding Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements and compliance with other state and federal labor laws

Dispute Resolution

As a business defense law firm, Jennings Haug Cunningham attorneys work with companies to resolve employment disputes through litigation, arbitration or mediation. We assist businesses with the following types of litigation:

  • Defense of claims of OSHA safety violations
  • Defense of claims of age discrimination, racial discrimination, gender discrimination and sexual harassment and other EEO discrimination claims
  • Defense of claims of unfair labor practices brought by labor unions
  • Defense of claims of wrongful termination
  • Bringing suit regarding unfair competition in violation of non-compete agreements
  • Bringing suit regarding non-disclosure agreements

Jennings Haug Cunningham offers arbitration and mediation services in a wide variety of cases, in an effort to resolve disputes prior to going the expensive route of litigation. The firm’s Mediation and Conference Center is equipped with four segregated conference rooms and the latest in digital audio, video and Internet technology to support the ADR process.


The employment law attorneys of Jennings Haug Cunningham are D. Kim Lough and Robert J. Lamb.

Contact the Arizona employment contract lawyers at Jennings Haug Cunningham. We serve business clients throughout the state of Arizona, including greater metropolitan Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Yuma and Prescott; and accept select cases elsewhere in the southwest, including California and Colorado.

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