Hazardous Wastes, Solid Wastes, and Special Wastes

Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in advising clients on all solid waste, hazardous waste, and special waste laws, including RCRA, TSCA, and EPCRA. We have advised clients regarding municipal solid wastes, hazardous wastes, liquid non-hazardous wastes, biosolids, auto shredder fluff, spent solvents, metal plating wastes, alum sludge, and asbestos construction materials. We have excellent relationships with state and federal environmental agencies, and have worked cooperatively with regulators to obtain reasonable legal interpretations of the environmental laws and rules governing wastes.

Our team has represented both public and private clients of all sizes on matters including:

  • Responding to emergencies and assisting with the aftermath of accidental spills and releases, with the willingness and ability to join management and response teams onsite to address legal issues as they arise.
  • Negotiating favorable settlements of hazardous and solid waste violations and penalties, including supplemental environmental projects and similar agreements to mitigate liability, improve the client’s image, and generate favorable public relations.
  • Assisting with legal advice on site cleanups and negotiating final agency approvals and closures.
  • Securing permits and other agency approvals in a timely manner and with favorable terms.
  • Counseling regarding compliance with environmental laws governing the generation, use, and disposal of hazardous substances and solid wastes.
  • Helping obtain environmental insurance.
  • Counseling regarding compliance with underground storage tank laws and regulations, including permitting, testing and reporting.
  • Conducting environmental audits and assisting in development and implementation of compliance and audit programs.

Our team has been involved in Arizona’s waste programs for over twenty-five years. Our practice group lead attorney served on the Soils Cleanup Task Force that created Arizona’s original Soil Cleanup Standards and on the Underground Storage Tank Policy Commission that oversees cleanup of leaking underground storage tanks. We have been involved in the creation of every iteration of the State’s policy on use of institutional and engineering controls at contaminated sites.

In one high-profile representation, our team represented a Brownfield developer in remediating a portion of a federal superfund site, deleting that site from the federal superfund list, and transforming that site into a thriving regional retail center. All members of our team were involved in that award-winning project. Other projects have included settlement of landowners’ Superfund liability for tenants’ contamination of the property.