Air Quality

The air quality lawyers with Jennings Haug Cunningham have represented a variety of industrial, commercial, and governmental entities in Arizona. Many of the representations involve multiple regulatory agencies at the federal, state, tribal, and local levels. Key projects that members of our team have handled include:

  • Securing air quality emissions offsets for New Source Review permitting of major sources or major modifications in a non-attainment area.
  • Obtaining minor source permits.
  • Assisting with all legal issues associated with landfill gas-to-energy projects.
  • Obtaining air permits and permit exemptions for operating facilities.
  • Defending clients’ interests in civil and administrative enforcement proceedings.
  • Negotiating settlements of air quality violations.
  • Conducting air quality compliance audits.
  • Negotiating an air quality Voluntary Compliance Agreement between an electric generating station and an Arizona Indian Nation.
  • Negotiating a multi-party settlement of asbestos violations.
  • Helping clients understand operational requirements for monitoring equipment, generators, boilers, scrubbers, and other facilities under applicable air quality regulations.
  • Representing a construction contractor regarding air quality compliance issues in a dispute arising out of the construction and start-up of an electrical generating facility.
  • Helping clients understand how to modify equipment and procedures to address compliance issues.